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Dis-Enchanted Tiki Room

2022 - IMCA 322: Robotics for Artists,

Concordia University, Montreal

Based on the Disney theme parks classic show the Enchanted Tiki Room, this project was undertaken as a satire, placing the show and tiki themeing in general into conversation with the history of America's projection of influence in the tropics, particularly the Pacific and Caribbean. 

Consisting of a fur and feather skin over a 3D printed body, Sam the parrot is articulated by three servo motors (ankles, neck, and beak) controlled by an intermediary Arduino microcontroller which is itself receiving animation data from TouchDesigner running on a nearby laptop. Ankle and neck movements were hand-animated while the beak's motion is procedurally generated based on vocal track amplitude. 

Screen Shot 2023-10-12 at 7.56.07 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-02-28 at 10.45.34 PM copy.png

From left to right: 3D sculpt for rigid parts of the parrot's body; digital articulation of the the model to test position of servos and pivot points of mechanical parts; assembled, wired, and painted bird, without exterior coat.

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