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These aren't quite finished projects, but highlight some of the prototypes I've built when playing around creatively with technology. 

2023 - Projected Manuscript

This project, built for DFTT 341 - Elements of Multimedia for Live Performance at Concordia University, was an exploration of projection mapping technology, imagining dynamic ways for displaying movable manuscripts with the aid of animation projected onto a blank book prop. Such a concept offers potential avenues for more dynamic displays in museum contexts.

2021 - Æffect

Built for CART 360 - Tangible Media at Concordia University, this was a prototype for a wearable garment that responds to emotional stimuli as extrapolated from respiratory and pulse biometrics. Electronics by Chip Limeburner, Dress by Sarah Hontoy-Major.

2021-2023 - New Normal

First prototyped as a final project for CART 212 - Digital Media Studio I, then later built more fully for DFTT 341 - Elements of Multimedia for Live Performance, both at Concordia University, this project was a proof of concept for using capacitive proximity circuits attached to existing environmental objects as input for a projection mapped experience promoting mindfulness of how often we touch our surroundings. 

Top right: Original prototype created for CART 212 - Digital Media Studio I

Bottom right: Fuller proof of concept created for DFTT 341 - Elements of Multimedia for Live Performance

2020 - Stakeout

Built for CART 263 - Creative Computation II, this prototype was exploring naturally mapped game controllers, specifically one simulating the use of a camera within a Clue-esque narrative game. Not only does the prototype require a winding and clicking motion like a camera, but it also zooms-in when held up to the face as though looking through a view-finder.

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