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2021 - IMCA 321: Electronics Arts Workshop, Concordia University, Montreal

DIYrotechnics was undertaken as a final course project in Electronic Arts Workshop at Concordia. Building upon an abridged audio clip from Disney's Fantasmic nighttime spectacular, this project explores avenues for possible guest interaction in nighttime spectaculars through the use of a handheld device. 

The magic wand devices consist primarily of three inputs: a gyroscopic sensor to track orientation relative to the screen, a button to trigger a location "echo" to assist guests in identifying their reticle, and a button to trigger a firework. Each wands contains an Arduino Nano, which sends data to a nearby laptop running the projection through TouchDesigner. Though guests can control the location and timing of firework bursts, the specific style is choreographed to the music, emphasizing a relationship between designer and guest within the interactive experience. 

A magic wand tipped with a light-up star. The handle has two buttons integrated into it.
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