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Happy Haunts Hunt

Personal Project - 2020

              Happy Haunts Hunt is a speculative concept for a month-long park overlay for Disney's Magic Kingdom, intended to accompany the Not-So-Scary Halloween event. It consists of an augmented reality scavenger hunt in which guests track down ghosts who've escaped from The Haunted Mansion, using a downloadable app and their phone camera. 

              The guest experience begins within the park where guests discover the Memento Mori gift shop outside The Haunted Mansion has been decked out with banners that announce the manor's ghosts have escaped and directing guests to see Madame Leota, who also appears outside Memento Mori in a glass case on a pedestal. She loops through rhyming couplets in her signature style that explain how, as Halloween approaches, the restless spirits have left the house to cause trouble in the park, and that the guests must help her re-capture the ghosts. Guests are then further instructed to download the Happy Haunts App to participate.

HHH Logo Final.png

Leota: "Halloween is closing nigh,

     with each night that passes by.

Between our worlds, the spectral veil

     is growing thin and soon shall fail. 


"Our happy haunts are acting up. 

     They’ve left the house and run amok,

Indulging in their spritely fun!

     We must stop them b‘fore there’s damage done.


"And so’f you choose, to join with us 

     in this, our quest of ghosts to bust,

take out your phones, download the app,

     track down the ghouls and bring them back!"

Memento Mori Overlay.jpg
Madame Leota Pedestal.jpg
Main Screen Final.jpg

              Once guests have downloaded the app, they will find it has three functions. The first, "Track a Ghost", brings up a screen depicting a virtual dowsing rod that will automatically point in the direction of the closest ghost. The second, "Photograph a Ghost", brings up a camera interface that projects an augmented reality overlay of the ghosts at certain locations. Finally, the third function, "Guestbook" keeps track of the ghosts guests have photographed, including portraits and small information blurbs. 

              There are 25 hotspots distributed around the park where guests can photograph the ghosts, each one themed to their specific location. (Full list of ghosts here). The "Track a Ghost feature" can provide a visual guide to direct guests to the otherwise invisible ghosts, or alternatively be set to vibrate when near one of the ghost hotspots. Once at a hotspot, guests can use the "Photograph a Ghost" feature, to scan the environment for the precise location the ghost appears. Once they've found a ghost, taking a photo will save the augmented reality image to the phone's camera roll while updating the "Guestbook".

The Black Knight.jpg
TNT Ghost.jpg
Hat Box Ghost.jpg
Ghost Map Final.jpg
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