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Parrots of the Caribbean

Personal Project - 2020
We chirp and we twitter, we whistle and toot
     Drink up, me birdies, yo ho
          We squawk and we squabble, but don’t give a hoot
               Drink up, me birdies, yo ho
                    Yo ho, yo ho, a parrot’s life for me
Full Mast Concept.jpg

     Parrots of the Caribbean is a concept imagining an exterior queue entertainment experience guests can enjoy while either waiting to ride Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean ride, or waiting for friends/family to ride. The concept takes the form of an approximately 14'-tall structure with an 8'-diameter footprint and a number of animatronic birds that present a half-hour looping audio show consisting of banter, jokes, and an ornithological re-imagining of the ride's main theme (A Parrot's Life for Me).


Turnaround of the main mast structure, modelled in Blender.

           The characters of Parrots of the Caribbean can be divided into two groups; the main characters (Cpt. Laura Keets and Cpt. Angus McCaw) and the backup singers (three monk parakeets perched in the crows nest atop the mast). 

Cpt. Keets (a lorikeet) and Cpt. McCaw (a macaw) both have several points of articulation, able to pitch 30º up or down at the ankles, 30º in both directions along three axes at the neck, and able to open their beaks, upper and lower halves each pivoting 15º.


The backup singers are relatively more restricted, with a single shared vertical travel axis raising or lowering them so that they are only visible during the rendition of A Parrot's Life for Me, as well as similar beak articulation and a single semi-circular axis of movement at the neck, with gaze pointed up-left/right at the extremes, and straight forward at the neutral position. 

Mast with birds.jpg
Laura Keets Designs.jpg
Angus McCaw Designs.jpg

Character designs for the two main characters, Cpt. Keets, and Cpt. McCaw

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