Spaceship (Upcoming 2019)

Puzzle Workshop - Irvine, California - Upcoming 2019

              This puzzle room places the players in the position of crew aboard a spaceship destined to colonize a new planet. However, not all is as it seems as the captain has gone missing and systems malfunction. The design was geared towards invoking a sense of exploration while empowering the players as the greatest hope for humanity. This was achieved with a more contemporary "bright future" style characterized by glossy white surfaces and indirect lighting. 

Early thumbnail sketches outlining the major features of the room.

Sketchup Models created to get a sense of scale and space.

Further refined concept art from top counter-clockwise: Main console, window treatment, and rear wall. 

              In an effort to conserve space while still maintaining a linear flow to the game, a system was devised to mount many of the puzzles within units built into the walls. These wall units are disguised simply as panels, until unlocked at which point players gain access to the puzzles within. These units were further designed to be built and installed as single pieces so that should one require maintenance, or should there be a future decision to update puzzles, this could be done with minimal impact to the general set. 

Concept art for various wall-mounted puzzles.