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The Wizrad Four and the Book of Black Arts

Escaparium - Montreal, QC, Canada - May 2018

              Having joined the team late in the process, I largely took on responsibility for set dressing and interactive scenic elements in this escape room. In particular I was tasked with creating a magic cauldron in which ingredients would be placed to unlock the titular book of black arts. 

               Four ingredients: basilisk fang, dragon skin, deathcap mushroom, and mandrake, each must be placed in their own indention in the cauldron, triggering glowing lights and- when placed together- fog effects and unlocking the book. 


Clockwise from above: Cauldron with light effects. Mandrake root prop. Underside of deathcap mushroom. Topside of deathcap mushroom.


              The Book of Black Arts was constructed so as to be held shut by a mag-lock. The pages inside are cast as two solid blocks of expanding foam allowing them to compress flat while the book is closed, but hold a gently curved profile while open to imitate pages in the binding of a book. 

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